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Thank you for your interest!

Introductory Video

We’ve created a handy video to better explain the role and what’s involved. Please take a moment to take a look! For more information, scroll down.

Let's cover some detail

C&W Transport operates from a multitude of locations in the UK and we are consistently expanding into new locations. We mainly service the worlds’ largest online retailer delivering small and medium parcels to their customers each day. Our daily operations are a precise, calculated and rewarding on all levels. If you like driving and interacting with customers, this role is ideal for you.

A typical day as a Multi-Drop Delivery driver will involve attending your local delivery station to collect your assigned route at the specific collection time. You will be assigned a route that equates to a maximum of 9 calculated hours which includes the travel time from collection point to first delivery destination. Each delivery location thereafter, including the time required to travel between, is all included in the 9 hour limit. For new drivers, you will be assigned 2 types of smaller route before you are assigned what is known as a ‘full route’. These smaller routes are designed to allow you more time to get to know the system, delivery methods and overall familiarity with the role.

We deliver 363 days per year. However, the maximum any one delivery driver can provide services is 6 days per week. We must adhere to health & safety regulations, especially when operating a moving vehicle.

The vehicle:

We need to operate a panelled van that will hold a minimum of 5 cubic metres. If you don’t have your own, we can arrange one for you via one of our partner vehicle rental companies. This will cost you between £200-£230 dependant on your driving experience and age. Don’t worry, C&W Transport will pay for the deposit on your behalf.

Training will be provided prior to starting. Each training day completed is paid at £100.00 and may last between 1 to 4 days dependant on the current requirement. Theoretical training is mandatory and you may be asked to completed on-road training with one of our experienced drivers.

Our 5 step on-boarding process is the best out there:

Step 1: Complete the online application supplying the documents required to start your on-boarding.

Step 2: Book a toxicology booking. At the end of the online application you will prompted to complete a toxicology booking at your chosen location. Book an appointment that works for you and attend the screening.

Step 3: Tox done and passed? Great. Your application has already been processed and the recruitment team has been waiting by the submit button which requests a DBS criminal background check. This is a basic check that takes between 24-72 hours on average.

Step 4: Background check passed, you will be invited for training.

Step 5: Training complete? Last step now. Collect a rental vehicle from one of our partners or if using your own personal vehicle, submit your haulage insurance policy documents to our HR team and you’ll be on the road the next day.

Did we mention:

Toxicology testing is paid by us. In fact, you don’t need to front any money for anything, even for a deposit on a rental vehicle that you keep in your possession. A £48 charge will be taken from your first payment, this is for the preparation and submission of your DBS criminal background check. Other than that, all we need is a little of your time to go through the process.

C&W Transport is an Equal Opportunity Employer. C&W Transport does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, veteran status or any other basis covered by appropriate law.